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I know this much to be true: Recipe testing and editing are crucial to the success and legacy of a recipe. My years of experience in testing have proven to me that no two ovens are alike, and therefore testing is crucial to the success of a recipe in every home.

This is why I am a recipe tester. I have spent the last eight years testing for a variety of mediums. I also work as a Head Recipe Tester for new cookbooks. My job includes personally testing each recipe and managing a team of 20 to 80 testers from around the world, i.e. coordinating schedules, gathering findings, creating recipe reports, and formatting and editing recipes. This helps the author maintain their sanity, and keeps them on track.

I have edited, developed, written, and photographed recipes for:

I have written and edited recipes for:


I have tested for food businesses, including:


Cookbooks I have worked on as a Head Recipe Tester include: 

Cookbooks in which I have tested recipes include:


I would love to work with you on your next project. Contact me today with any questions.



"A cookbook is only as good as its worst recipe." ~Julia Child
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