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It's true—and it's why I do what I do.

I write and cook by two basic mantras that help with any concept—written, food, or otherwise.

​Th​e Four P’s (Piss. Poor. Prior. Planning.): You can’t write great copy or bake a delicious cake without first thinking about what exactly it is you are trying to convey or what type of cake you want to make. For copy, you need to understand certain things: who is the intended audience, what is the benefit to readers, what is the ultimate goal, and what is the voice. A recipe, on the other hand, must be tested—and retested—to know if the ingredients, amounts, and instructions are all correct.  Both copy and cake require a bit of planning before you can even begin.  

The Devil Is in the Details: At first hearing (or reading, for that matter), this may sound like the next Stephen King horror flick, but it is crucial to make any copy or recipe truly sing. A misplaced comma can wreak havoc on an otherwise engaging sentence. A table versus a tea can make for an unhappy dish. You must pay attention to every wordto every punctuation mark!—and make each one count.

​Now that you know my trade secrets, I should tell you the short (short) version of my background. I graduated from Emerson College with a BFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing (and a minor in Photography). I spent several years writing all types of editorial content for before venturing into copywriting for TripAdvisor's first e-commerce website.

I have my Masters in Gastronomy from Boston University, as well as my certificate in Cheese (Yes! Cheese!), Wine, and Culinary Arts.

I also spend a great deal of my time testing, editing, and developing recipes. Did I mention I love it? No? I love it. I really do. Is there anything better than reading a well-written recipe (full of personality and promise of a tasty treat), and having it succeed exactly as you hoped? Or anything more disappointing than expecting greatness and getting an inedible mess? Recipes are sacred, and must be tested time and again to be perfected.


Combine all of these things and you have a lady who not only appreciates well-written and witty works and well-executed recipes, but someone who also has the experience to ensure there is more of each in this world. 

​​Still need to know more? I am over-the-moon for puns and idioms (please see my portfolio for examples). I love all things pickled. I’m a sucker for roadside attractions. I would like to bake cookies for Roald Dahl and Oscar Wilde to thank them for their words. And I only have two states left to visit (Missouri and Alaska, someday) before I have seen each of the United States.

Yup, that’s me in a nutshell (though that sounds terribly uncomfortable).

"If you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it well enough." ~Albert Einstein
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