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The Berkshires Food Tour

I wrote a three-part series on The Berkshires for Eat Boutique, which featured some of the best places to stop for food in Western Massachusetts. The article allowed me to combine two of my greatest passions: food and travel, and was a lot of fun to research and write. I also loved getting to know the makers behind such incredible food products, as well as sharing those experiences with the world.

Eat Boutique: Blog Round-Up

Eat Boutique features a post call "What We're Loving," which is a themed round-up of favorite recipes from food blogs. I helped brainstorm ideas for the editorial calendar, as well as wrote several by scouring the Internet for the best representation of stunning photography and a fantastic recipe. The end result is a visually appealing and ispirational post, which was also a lot of fun to write.

Eat Boutique: Joanne Chang Spotlight

I have been a long-time fan of Joanne Chang and her pastry skills so I was delighted to have the opportunity to share just how special she is with the rest of the world. Joanne was going to sign her cookbook at the Eat Boutique Holiday Market, and this article provided the chance for our audience to get to know her just a little bit better. I may gush just a little, but every word is very well-deserved.

SniqueAway Blog:

I built the SniqueAway blog, SniqueSpeak, from scratch on without any prior knowledge of I created a tone guide, post formats, content, and an editorial calendar. I contributed to the blog weekly, along with the three other writers on our team.


The blog boosted member engagement, brand awareness, and sales promotion. It also acted as a vehicle for PR opportunities. Photo Gallery

This gallery was created to showcase the top 10 best regional foods in America. I spent time researching local places that served dishes that were emblematic of a specific place. I also wanted to highlight the history behind the dish. I then found all of the photographs to give a visual aid to my words. Bon Appetit! Article
This article went live just before Halloween, and it was meant to capture the creepier side of hotels. I have written several articles on haunted places, and it was always so much fun to research--even if I didn't sleep for several weeks. Article

Writing about the quirkiest theme parks in the U.S. was more fun than work. I love roadside attractions and America's odd underbelly, so this seemed like a perfect fit. It was quite popular at the time and was featured on the home page of Column​

For two years, I acted as the Deal Detective, and answered countless emails asking for travel advice. We decided to change the format from a weekly column into a daily blog, and it allowed even more flexibility to answer questions quicker. Trip du Jour

Helping to create and execute the idea for the Trip du Jour series, I was also the sole writer and wrote more than 300 during its publication. As the press release stated, "Each story focuses on one area and offers affordable trip suggestions filled with interesting and sometimes quirky details. In addition to a short overview, each trip locale will highlight three of five categories, including Stay, Play, Eat, Drink and Shop, with suggestions on specific local hotels, activities or boutiques. True to SmarterTravel's style, the destinations will include popular as well as off-the-beaten path locations that will appeal to travelers of all ages and activity levels."

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