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Eat Boutique shop descriptions. Hotel sales on SniqueAway. Enticing previews.
Eat Boutiuque Shop Descriptions

Eat Boutique sells small-batch and artisn products that are each handmade by an individual maker. My goal was to highlight the product, as well as the people who spend their time making it. Both are crucial in the overall sales and philosophy of Eat Boutique.

SniqueAway Sales

Each hotel sold on SniqueAway had a unique pesonality, and it was my job to highlight what made it so special. I would then build a theme around this particular fact, and write the overview in that style. Here are a few examples of playful ways to make the hotels shine.


SniqueAway Preview: Hotel Mela
At one time, SniqueAway would tease the upcoming hotel sale with a preview and clever copy. For the Hotel Mela, I took my inspiration for this preview from the apple in the photo, as well as the hotel's location in the Big Apple. Et voila! A perfect marriage of apples and travel.

SniqueAway Preview: Tower Club at Lebua

​​This preview was so fun to write, because I was able to incorporate a different fairy tale into each photo. The end result was playful, as well as witty.


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