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​Product Promotions. Sweepstakes. Announcements.
Eat Boutique: Shop Newsletter


The Eat Boutique Shop originally sent weely newsletters highlighling one product at a time. We decided we needed a way to highlight many products while at the same time providing a benefit to the reader beyond the shop. We came up with the idea of constructing each newsletter around a specific theme and then offering the option to "Bring it Home" (shop products) or "Make Your Own" (recipes from the blog). The result was extremely succesful.

SniqueAway: $25 Incentive

Who doesn't love free money? Especially around the holidays? This email was created in hopes of boosting sales, as well as adding a bit of holiday cheer. It was sent right before Thanksgiving, and the designer, Michelle Sullivan, created a design that perfectly captured the essence of the holiday.

BookingBuddy This Just In (TJI)

The directive of was to be playful, salesy, and seasonal. It went live in the middle of October, so the designer, Adam Cutler, and I knew it had to have pumpkins. From there it was just a matter of "picking" the proper pun.

SniqueAway: Introduction Email
This email was sent to AirfareWatchdog members, who happen to be big pet people, as an introduction to SniqueAway. The goal was to maintain the SniqueAway brand, while still appealing to a different audience. Together with designer, Adam Cutler, we came up with a winning result.

SniqueAway: Sweepstakes

SniqueAway teamed up with Life of Pi for a sweepstakes centered around the DVD release. For the project, we created an email announcement, DHTML, landing page, and an ad for Fox and SniqueAway. The designer, Ashley Willard, and I wanted to capture the essence of the film while still maintaing the SniqueAway brand. We also had to incorporate several key details about the film without taking away from the messaging.  The result was a success.

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