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Print. Banner. Skyscraper. Pop-under. Flash. Email.
Eat Boutique: Print Flyer

Eat Boutique hosts an annual Holiday Market, and I was tasked with coming up with the copy for a flyer that would be handed out and displayed at locations all over the city. The main goal was to highlight the happenings and details while still providing a benefit to the consumer. We also wanted it to be somewhat playful. The end result achieves all of these things.

SniqueAway: Banner Ads

SniqueAway featured a banner in its Friday newsletters. The intent was to create curiosity and drive members to the Main Event page. Both of these examples were successful in doing just that.

SniqueAway: Pop-Under

The main goal of this ad was to re-engage a

member after they had abandoned an initial destination search on SniqueAway. The final result was a success.

BookingBuddy: Flash Ad
This type of animated ad was new territory for BookingBuddy, and we wanted to create an ad that engaged the audience in a playful way, while still providing the all-important element of BookingBuddy: comparison. The end result was fun and informative.

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